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Hattiesburg City Council hears presentations on Waste Water Treatment

Hattiesburg City Council members convened for an executive session Tuesday evening to hear presentations on possible waste treatment solutions.

Councilwoman Deborah Delgado says this is a critical decision for the Hub City and will resonate for decades to come.

"This one is going to be the largest and the most critical decision that we'll make on behalf of the citizens of Hattiesburg and they've entrusted us with that responsibility and we don't take that lightly. We can't", Delgado says.

After doing her due diligence, Delgado says a mechanical treatment facility seems the best option for the city. "In my research communities that have mechanical systems meet they're limits. They process their waste water in an efficient manner."

The mechanical process involves constructing a walled facility to efficiently treat waste and discharge it into the Leaf River meeting EPA guidelines. Delgado says, "I don't know that I'm comfortable yet at this point to go with a land application."

The land application process involves primary treatment. Then, piping the waste to an application sight for crop, tree, or grassland irrigation. "Communities that have gone with this application and did not fare well, some of them have gone to a mechanical treatment process", Delgado says.

Delgado says cost and longevity are main concerns, "Initially we thought that the land application method would be less expensive, but they're going to be about the same."

And those costs will cascade down to the taxpayer. "This is a huge project for us. I can't say to what extent, but we can look to see rate increases."

Delgado urges citizens to attend Thursday night's informational meeting. "We're going to still have to do quite a bit before we can responsibly come up with a decision that's going to be in the best interest of the citizens of Hattiesburg. This one really concerns me."

The public meeting on treatment systems is set for Thursday at 6pm, inside the Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility at 308 Newman Street.

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