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WDAM Viewpoint- Dangerous World

The bombing at this weeks Boston Marathon, followed by mail containing ricin—a deadly chemical to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker and the President… is but yet another reminder that we live in a dangerous and unpredictable world. 

School slaughters, workplace violence, bombings.  It's not the world it used to be.  Having said that, there have always been evil people doing bad things and crazy people doing psychotic things to their fellowman.  It just seems to be accelerating at an almost exponential rate.  As we said in a commentary last week, the problem is in the hearts and minds of the perpetrators and not the methods.  Be it guns, knives, chemicals, airplanes or homemade bombs, people can always find ways to commit violence if they are determined.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones, or were severely injured in this latest terrorist act. We may not know who did it yet, but they will be found.  They will pay. But that won't stop the next person with evil on their mind from carrying out their nefarious acts.  We have to be ever vigilant and report anything suspicious to the authorities. While we don't want paranoia to effect our quality of life, a healthy dose of guardedness and knowing what to be on the look out for is needed no matter where you live. 

I'm Jim Cameron….let us hear from you.

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