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Hattiesburg must reach a sewage treatment decision by May 31st.

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Hattiesburg City Councilman Kim Bradley says, that the time for a sewage treatment decision is here. "We need to meet the time line that we've agreed to. The first or I guess the next benchmark is the end of May"

City officials are hosting a public meeting Thursday to discuss potential sewage treatment methods. Construction of a mechanical facility is the standard for large Mississippi cites, but Bradley says it will cost taxpayers and may soon be prohibited. "You go spend $180 million on a mechanical system and you're still discharging into the river. There is going to be the day where we can no longer do it".

Both mechanical and the current lagoon system discharge waste water into the Leaf River, However, the EPA has banned dumping treated waste into bodies of water across the east coast. "In my opinion, we've got to get out of the river. We've got to quit polluting the river".

The land application method would require a smaller treatment facility. The basic treated waste would be piped to various sites and used as irrigation water for grass, trees, and crops. Which Bradley considers more cost effective and eco-friendly. "I think that people are going to see that the cost of this land application is going to be substantially less. It doesn't run they're sewer bills through the roof. Want to have something that we're doing green? We're going green."

The public meeting to hear pros and cons of both treatment systems is set for Thursday April 18, at 6 p.m., inside the Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility at 308 Newman Street.

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