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Female golfer still going strong at 98

Vi Krisker took up playing golf well over a half-century ago. And she's missed very few days on the course since then.

Even at age 98, Vi is an institution at Clear Creek Golf Club in Bovina, Mississippi. Still driving her car, not to mention the golf cart, she is an inspiration to many.

Fellow golfer Rodney McHann has known Krisker for several years now and is in awe of the 98-year-old who gets out there and not only plays, but attacks the course.  

"I just turned 70 and it's getting a little bit tougher for me to play these 18 holes. But she'll come out here and she doesn't just play nine. She's going to get in that cart and she's going to play 18," said McHann. "And hit every drive. She might not can hit it out of her shadow, but she's going to hit it!" 

Kent Smith is the pro at Clear Creek. He's known Vi Krisker for more than 20 years. When he met her, she would have been considered a senior golfer.

"There are not many people her age period, much less playing golf. She's as strong as ever. In the last 10 to 15 years, you really don't notice any difference in her ability to play and get around and all," said Smith. "She's just a sweetheart. She loves people and she loves golf. That's why she likes to come out here." 

We asked Vi her secret for living this long and still being active. She shrugged her shoulders and said she always ate all of her vegetables and fruits. What she really enjoys, she said, is passing out tips to the youngsters and then watching them apply what she's told them to try. 

"It's fun watching them try to do what you teach them to do," said Krisker. 

As impressive as being 98-years-old and holding your own on the golf course is, what really may be the secret of staying young is that at age 98, Vi Krisker is still a teacher.

We could all learn something from that! 

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