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WDAM Viewpoint- I want my ammo

This whole gun control frenzy has gotten out of hand.  I've been a gun owner and shooter most of my life and love to get out and plink or target practice for the sport of it.  But I can't even by .22 ammunition anymore unless I find out which store in town happens to have a shipment coming in and get there before they sell out every round they can get their hands on.  By blaming guns on these school shootings instead of the nut jobs that do the shooting the liberals have found a cause that has caused a panic…and the shelves are being swept clean of guns and ammo because everyone is afraid our second amendment rights are going to be abridged and we won't be able to get them in the future.  Why just this week a crazy went on a campus and cut up a bunch of people with a knife.  Are we going to try to outlaw steak knives?  The 9-11 highjackers used box cutters to commander jetliners to crash into buildings.  But, you can still get box cutters even if you can't take them on a plane…and recently they rescinded the law prohibiting taking a number of different pocket knives on planes.  The evil is in the mind of the person who is determined to do violence…not the instrument they use.  Ban one thing they'll use something else.  In Oklahoma City children were killed with a truck full of fertilizer.  I say, get the government out of the gun control business and into the nut control business and we just may make a little progress.  But crazy and evil people will always find a way to do their wicked deeds. 

I'm Jim Cameron…let us hear from you.

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