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Morton 13-year-old hospitalized after attack at school

Chase Perkins suffered a severe concussion and injuries to the face after being attacked at school. (Source: Family) Chase Perkins suffered a severe concussion and injuries to the face after being attacked at school. (Source: Family)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A sixth grade student from Morton Middle School is speaking out about a recent attack on campus that left him in the hospital.

Thirteen-year-old Chase Perkins suffered a severe concussion and was throwing up blood after his family says he became the victim of bullying.

"It started at lunch that day and the boy was picking on Chase's mohawk and told him he said I'll get you at the bus," said Sandra Perkins, Chase's mother.

Chase says he didn't tell anyone at the school out of fear.

"He said if I snitch he was going to get me worse, so I didn't snitch," Chase said.

At the end of the school day, Chase ran to the bus in fear of what he had been told earlier that day. At that moment, he said the sixth grade boy struck him so hard in the back of the head he fell to the ground. Chase says he doesn't know what happened next.

"When that boy hit him from behind, it knocked him into the bus and his head hit the bus and he fell back and hit the concrete," Sandra Perkins said.

She says Chase was knocked unconscious, but the school didn't call 911. Instead, they called her and Chase's grandfather.

"He was convulsing you know and just throwing up blood and everything and no ambulance called, nothing," Sandra Perkins said.

Chase was taken to a hospital in Scott County, and then by ambulance to Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson. He suffered a severe concussion and injuries to the face.

The Scott County School District Superintendent told WLBT the district's concern at the time of the incident was getting the child medical help. The superintendent said the school nurse was about to take Chase to the hospital, but his grandfather arrived and was able to take him.

Sandra believes the entire incident could have been resolved by teachers at lunch before it turned physical.  After reading the current bullying laws, Sandra said the assault on her son could have been prevented.

"They gave me the state law listing on what had been passed on bullying laws and the chain of action that should have happened, not one thing was done during this entire time. Not one, from the school house to the hospital," Sandra Perkins said. 

School Counselor Tabatha Kenney said teachers and faculty are the first line of defense.

"There's no incident that's too small to report. If you feel uncomfortable, then you must report that," Kenney said.

Chase's mother said the child who hit her son was suspended from school for three days.

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