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Oak Grove students put cardboard to the test

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Four ninth graders at Oak Grove High School tested the limits of cardboard for a school project and exceeded expectations.

All ninth graders in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math class were teamed up and assigned to build a chair out of corrugated cardboard. They were given a week and a half to complete the project.

The chair had to have two to four legs and hold a minimum of 150-pounds when complete. Besides the cardboard, only glue and tape could be used to assemble the chair.

Last week the chairs were weighed at the school and the one built by Cody McGee, Hatten Livingston, Ally Rhodes, and Madison Woodard was still standing when they ran out of weights at 742-pounds.

Wanting to test it further, they enlisted the help of Anatomies Fitness Center in Oak Grove. When they finally decided to stop putting weights on the chair for safety reasons, they had amassed 1400-pounds on the still intact chair.

"We used three layers of cardboard. That definitely made it stronger," said Woodard. "Then we made it into the shape of a triangle which made it even stronger."

"The cardboard was double corrugated instead of just one layer," said Livingston. "We also used three layers of it to build the triangle."

The STEM program is planning on partnering with Ashley Furniture of Hattiesburg for next years project.

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