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New adoption method at Southern Pines helps less adoptable dogs


A new adoption method at Southern Pines Animal Shelter is designed to increase the chances to get a good home for dogs who often go unnoticed at the shelter.

The new method involves putting a select number of the more sought after dogs up for bid. Shelter Operations Manager Katherine Sammons says it will help save the lives of the dogs considered to be less desirable.

"Our normal adoption fee is $100 for any dog under four-years-old," said Sammons. "So if the bid ends up being $300 to $400, we can use the extra money we got for the dog and reduce or waive the adoption fee on the more plain dogs that are harder to get adopted."

All dogs brought to the shelter are required to be held four five days. For those selected to bid out the bidding process takes place during the five days. At the end of the five days the person with the highest bid and an approved adoption application gets the dog.

"This is not something we are going to with every pure bred that comes into the shelter," said Sammons. It's just something we're going to do with a select few.

Sammons says so far the feedback public to the new program has been positive, especially when it is explained how it works and how it will benefit the other animals.

"This is just something we are doing to offer an incentive to the public to get them to take a look at the less desirable dogs. Dogs like black and brown ones, and labs. They are very prevalent in this area and we get a lot of them and they tend to be overlooked, unlike the small cute fluffy dogs."

The minimum bid for the selected dogs is $75.

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