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WDAM Viewpoint- Cruelty on the Internet

Most of you have probably heard about the recent death by suicide of 27 year old Matthew Warren, son of well know pastor and author, Rick Warren.  Reverend Warren pastured Saddleback Church…a Southern Baptist mega church in California and has written a number of influential Christian books including "The Purpose Driven Life".  He led the prayer at President Obama's first inauguration.  It is tragic indeed that his son, who was plagued with mental problems throughout his life, was driven to take his own life despite the best medical care could offer.  Unfortunately, being a Christian or member of any other faith does not preclude bad things from happening in good people's lives.  What is particularly sick and disgusting however are some of the many comments posted on the internet spewing out the worst vitriolic garbage you ever heard against the Pastor Warren, his family and beliefs.  Whether someone agreed with the man or not…to be filled with so much hatred and vile feelings at someone who has just lost a child is just despicable.  The internet does a lot of good for our society.  And while we strongly believe in free speech…some people would be better off keeping their hate speech to themselves. 

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us know what you think.

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