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Marion County awarded $109,000 grant to improve boat landing


Marion County has been awarded a $109,000 grant from the Wildlife, Fisheries, and Game Department to upgrade the Highway 98, Pearl River boat ramp.

County engineer Jeff Dungan says the money from the grant will be used to provide much needed grading, erosion control, painting, striping, and paving.  The grant orders Marion County to match 25 cents on the dollar for "in kind services". This means the county can provide labor and equipment to complete the project. A traffic mirror will improve ramp safety, and the grant will allow the county to apply its funds toward county roads instead of maintaining the boat ramp.

Dungan says, "The folks that enjoy the river need a safe, efficient place to put their boat in and out. This project will allow that, of course it will enhance safety, but it will also make for an ease of maintenance for the board of supervisors in the future so they can use their resources on the roads instead of the boat ramp.  So, by having it paved they'll spend less time maintaining it."

Marion County is taking bids for the paving work, which will include the ramp itself and the road leading in.  Dungan says the bid process will follow state procurement laws.

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