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Forrest County Supervisors meet with bidders for old jail


Two potential buyers of the old county jail in downtown Hattiesburg met with the Forrest County Supervisors Tuesday to discuss the possible purchase of the property.

They were asked to put together detailed proposals to present to the board at their April,18 meeting.

"The board would like to know particularly what they intend to do with the property," said David Hogan, Board President. "We are also looking for them to modify the way they have their bid spelled out."

The supervisors also asked the bidders to put together two proposals, one including the adjacent Carpenter Building that currently is the administrative offices for the Forrest County School District and one excluding it.

"It didn't intend to be a part of the process in the beginning," said Hogan. "That's not to say we wouldn't entertain that, but it does create somewhat of a problem with regard as to where would the school administration offices be relocated."

The identity of the potential buyers has not been released, though Hogan says they both are from the local area. On Tuesday the board turned down a $230,000 bid from a North Carolina real estate developer who wanted to convert the property into office space and apartments using federal low income housing credits to fund the project.

Hogan says their could be potentially a third bidder joining the process.

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