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Jail and Bail Charity brings in big bucks in Columbia

The Columbia Police Department jails over 50 people for charity for the Relay for Life Jail and Bail Fundraiser.

The police department has been hard at it all day and police chief Clint McMurry says they've raised between $7,000 and $10,000 for cancer research and awareness through Relay for Life. The jail in bail works by people paying  $25 to have someone jailed.  The police department finds them, cuffs them, and transports them to the jail on the courthouse lawn.  Those arrested have to call everyone they know to raise the money to bail them out.

Columbia Police Chief, Clint McMurry says, "I'm really surprised at the turnout, the community involvement.  Once the news got out of what we were doing, we have been going wide open to get everyone arrested and get them out of our jail. We've had several police officers come in on their time off and volunteer to help get this done. If they hadn't we'd of been in a bind on getting it done."

The Relay for Life Jail and Bail had many notable arrests. Just a few being, Mayor Reed Houston, District Attorney Hal Kittrell, even WDAM's own Christopher Harkey.

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