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Company brings 400 beehives to Marion County

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The commercial beekeeping company Agpollen is visiting Marion County bringing with them over 400 beehives they hope to turn into 1,200 hives.

Agpollen is a commercial pollination company that raises and transports bees across the United States. The beehives are rotated to different areas to pollinate crops for the farming industry.  Agpollen says they come to Marion County once a year to split their hives. This means they kill the queen, split the hive in two, then introduce a new queen to each hive. The process doubles the number of hives.

Nicholas Chase with Agpollen says, "We came here specifically to Mississippi here in Marion County because some of the stuff that blooms here at this time helps us out with growing the bees at this point. They'll be some different flowering stuff that will be blooming and they provide the nectar, which will help the bees grow as we go along."

Agpollen transported their bees from California and after they split the hives in Marion County, they'll load the hives on semi-trucks and take them to North Dakota for the next honey flow.

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