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HPD on the look-out for stolen prom dress

Prom season is in full swing, and dresses are a hot commodity. But one dress is hot for more than one reason, and it has police and one local store on the lookout.

Last week, Occasions along Lincoln Road in Hattiesburg became the victim of another person's obsession over a hot pink prom dress.

"They actually did come the day before. They came in and tried the dress on. They were concerned about the price," said Jessa Thorton, manager at Occasions. "We made them a very wonderful offer. A price reduction on the gown."

Except, she didn't return with cash in hand. She instead opted for a five finger discount, and walked out the door with the dress.

"One of the employees came to me and said they are stealing a dress, they are stealing a dress. And I ran outside to try and find where the dress had actually went. And somebody had stole the dress. A size sixteen ball gown and they were putting it in the car," said Thorton.

The employees of the store stopped the two in the parking lot, but fearing potential legal and physical harm, they let the two leave.

"I asked them to return the desk and just let me have it back. But they, actually just matter of fact, left with it. They put it in their car and their accomplices just walked right on out past us, and drove away with it," said Thorton.

With a retail price of $520, the theft is considered Grand Larceny. The Hattiesburg Police Department responded, and with the car tag number in hand, is still investigating.

The store is now offering a cash reward for any information regarding the dress in distress.

"I would just like to offer a reward of $100 to the person or persons who can help me locate the girl who took this dress," said Dianne Garner, owner of Occasions."I just think there needs to be an example made. I believe that the community will stand behind us and they will help us locate you."

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