WDAM Viewpoint- USM climbs another rung in the NIT

The Southern Miss. Golden Eagles made it another rung up the NIT ladder last night by beating Louisiana Tech.  Tomorrow night at 7 they take on BYU and the winner will go to New York to play in the semi-finals at Madison Square Garden.  That will put them only two wins away from winning it all as they did last back in the 80s when—as one of the players put it, "We came, we saw and we 'tow' the house down."  That became a popular saying around town for a long time.  Let's get behind the Golden Eagles as they once again attempt that feat.  Perhaps the NIT doesn't have the notoriety of the NCAA…but it is a national championship nonetheless and proof positive that our Southern Miss team is not only the real deal—but no doubt could have done well in the NCAA had they been chosen.  Regardless of the venue we are already proud of our team and look forward to another win tomorrow night at Reed Green Coliseum as they take on Brigham Young University.

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