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Laurel resident competing for wheelchair accessible van

The following is a message from Jerri Hodge:

This month is National Mobility Awareness Month, which is to raise the awareness of everyone about the importance of specialized transportation for the elderly and disabled. To encourage people the world over to share their stories about how important these vehicles are to disabled people the NMED is hosting a global contest that allows daily voting from all willing from now to May 10th, and the top 3 voted families will receive a customized wheelchair accessible van as their prize. What you just read is my entry into this contest, and I am desperate for any help your station can provide me with in this.

I know in today's economy it's hard for anyone to just go out and buy a new vehicle, but for my family it's literally impossible with the many restrictions Medicaid has placed on us simply for being over 21yrs old. Our current van is on it's last legs, we just pray everytime we have a doctor appointment or set one of our two yearly trips to visit my husband of 7yrs Don Rodrigue who has Muscular Dystrophy and due to this lives with his grandparents in Louisiana that it starts up and keeps going till we get back home. Once it's gone we can't just call a cab, rent a car or call a friend like most can, it's literally our lifeline to the outside world and it will be gone and not likely replaced.

While I'm sending this to spread word to as many people as I can to vote for my family, I also want to do this to spread word to all in my situation that this contest even exists so that they can enter their stories to both compete and spread the word about this massively unpublicized problem. I'm 32yrs old and I didn't even know there was a National Mobility Awareness Month and I suspect I'm not the only one. My hope is that with enough voices that people of higher authority will see/hear this and help change things for the disabled. I thank you for your time in reading this email and should you take up this story my contacts are listed below.

Jerri Hodge

For those who wish to enter this contest:

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