WDAM Viewpoint- Secularizing Easter

The secularists have been trying to make Christmas go away…or at least lose all vestiges of its spiritual meaning for years.  Now I see they have their sights set on Easter as well.  One school or school district in New York went so far as to change all reference about Easter eggs to Spring eggs.  That is foolish beyond description.  Easter eggs have about as much religious symbolism as Santa Claus…but nevertheless they are both associated with Christian holy days.  Christmas marks the birth of Christ and Easter is rooted in the celebration of His Resurrection.  There is a growing faction in this country of people who want to do away with all signs and symbols of religion--at least Christianity or Judaism.  I guess if you worship a milk carton on the side of the road no one would feel threatened.  Regardless of what anyone says, this country and it's laws were founded on Judeo-Christian values.  The Constitution gives us freedom of religion—not freedom from religion.  Europe is said to be living in a post-religious era.  Look at how that's working out for them.  Not too well.   We hope people will stand up and fight attempts to do away with all religious symbolism and reference in this country.  It would be a sad day indeed if the anti-religious crowd has its way.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Write and let us know what you think.