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23 Ole Miss students arrested over spring break

(WMC-TV) - Almost two dozen Ole Miss students returned home from spring break not with a suntan, but with a criminal record instead.

Thirty-two students were arrested at a massive house party last week in Walton County, Florida.

Ole Miss officials confirm 23 of those students are enrolled at the University of Mississippi.

"They're a great school, but you know college students in all, they party, that's what they love to do, especially freshmen," said Ashley Norwood, who will be at the school next fall.

Norwood is not 21 and said minors should have known that officers at spring break destinations are cracking down on underage drinking.

"They should have known when they went down that police are looking for that stuff," she said.

But it was not just Ole Miss.

A public information officer for the sheriff's office could not confirm which schools the other students were from.

Parents were not surprised to hear of a destructive house party on a week that lives in infamy among college campuses.

"It's just college, there's nothing you can really say about it," said Johnathan Gaines.

Ole Miss officials said that the majority were not from north Mississippi or the Memphis area. The university did not have any other comment on the arrests.

Some parents said better decisions come with age.

"At least one spring break during college they want to go down there and live it up for a week," said Kathy Salmon.

As the university did not have a comment on the arrests, it is unclear whether the students will face any disciplinary action since they were arrested out of state.

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