Laurel considers privatizing parks and recreation department

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - On Wednesday, Laurel City Administrator Dennis Keveryn along with Parks and Recreation Works Director Elvin Ulmer set out to dispel rumors surrounding parks and recreation employees.

There have been rumors that Ulmer is wanting to go into business for himself and become a private contractor for the city. If that should happen city employees who currently work under him now fear losing their state retirement.

Ulmer said he has approached the city about going into business for himself. He said city employee will not loss any benefits if the plan goes through. However employees will no longer have state retirement.

His company will offer a 401k package. The city says they are open to the idea, said Keveryn. He said they are checking with the state attorney general office to if it's even possible to do. Both parties say they are in the preliminary stages of discussing plans to make this happen.

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