Palmers Crossing residents file law suit against Hub City

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Residents of Palmers Crossing are disappointed at the City of Hattiesburg for not fulfilling their obligations to the community.

After nearly 24 years, President and Vice President of the Community Action Team, Chester Johnson and Nathan Jordan have filed a law suit to demand fair treatment.

"We want equal services, we want up to date services," said Palmers Crossing Community Action Team Vice President, Nathan Jordan. "We need proper sewer connections, we need good, clean, and adequate drinking water, we need sidewalks, we need lighted areas to protect us."

Some citizens of Palmers are starting to believe that they were only annexed into Hattiesburg so the city could receive more money.

"Our taxes are going up, but we don't have any service," said resident, William Chisolm. "They could put million and millions of dollars over in Lamar County, but not right here in Forrest County, when we're paying the taxes."

Along with not knowing where their tax dollars are going, residents are also confused about the schools their children attend.

"We're in the city now, we've been in the city over ten years," said Chisolm. "Our children are going to Dixie, South Forrest, Petal, what kind of stuff is that? We are paying city county taxes, something in the milk is not clean."

Aside from everything else, adequate police protection, a police active sub-station, fire protection, and a fire station are other services that the Palmers community claims the City of Hattiesburg has yet to provide.

"A lot of times when you call 911, you've got to have somebody that's shooting at you or somebody that's already dead before they come, and that's no way to do it," said resident, Tilton Sullivan. "If you call 911 you can have other things, even a disturbance in your home or in your family. Then it takes a while before they get here, they stop and get gas before they come.

Resident of Palmers Crossing hopes that by taking legal action, the community will get justice through the court.

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