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WDAM Viewpoint- Prejudice against Mississippi

I was born and raised in Mississippi and have lived here all my life.  I've had to opportunity to do a fair amount of travel and am often offended at the reactions I get when I state with pride that I'm from Mississippi.  In spite of the fact that Mississippi has come so much further than many states on racial issues and has more black elected officials than any other state in the union there are those who still want to keep us under the federal government's thumb when it comes to voting rights.  Just this week it was announced that a medical team in Mississippi had successfully cured an infant of the aids virus.  I realize it was only one test…but it opens the door for the possibility of saving lives around the world.  Yet you have only heard about it a handful of times—if at al.  The national media has mentioned it and basically played it down.  Mississippi had the first heart transplant in the early 60's, but gets little credit.  We lead the country in charitable giving.  Not only that but the amount of world changing talent in all fields of endeavor that the Magnolia State has spawned is staggering.  From the arts, to business to science we produce more than our share of outstanding contributions.  Yet…we get little credit and are still looked upon by too many as being stuck back in the 1950's or worse.  A state full of crackers and rednecks.  Epithets of the sort that would be castigated if used against any other group.  But we are proud and have every reason to be.  Let's take every opportunity to spread the positive word about Mississippi.  Our Mississippi. 

I'm Jim Cameron…let us know what you think.

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