WDAM Viewpoint- Thank you for giving

It is an humbling thing to have the privilege of living among such a generous and giving people who care so very much for their neighbors.  As you know, yesterday WDAM hosted "Build This City:  Red Cross Tornado Relief Telethon and you gave an amazing total of just under $140,000…138,632 to be exact.  This money goes to help rebuild, to give food, aid, comfort and necessities to those whose homes were affected in the four county area of Marion, Lamar, Forrest and Wayne.  Everyone from large companies and corporations to individuals, some of whom may have been in need themselves gave as they could afford to give and many dug deeply.  On yesterday's Midday program when we had about $34-thousand pledged…I predicted that we would raise $100-thousand.  A lot of people said that would never happen.  Well you surpassed that sum and gave over $100,000 more than we already had in.  We can't thank you enough for your generosity.  There are truly a lot of Good Samaritan's living among us.  I'm Jim Cameron and may God richly bless you for giving to those in need….and many thanks to the Red Cross for all the good they do.