Lamar County man records unique view of tornado damage

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - "I've always loved to fly, I've skydived, I was in the Marines and I was looking for the next great thing,"said Lamar County resident, Lance Sanderford.

Sanderford's idea of a hobby may seem to some like an adrenaline rush, or a death defying stunt.

"I'm sure people have seen the guy flying around the rural areas of the county in this black and green paraglider with a motor on his back and wondered who is this guy,"said Sanderford.

For about a year, Sanderford has flown around Lamar County, and beyond,  in a paraglider for fun. He captures each moment and posts the video to his Facebook page and Youtube.

"I wear a helmet mounted camera, a Go Pro Camera, that's a high definition camera," said Sanderford.

After the February 10 tornado ripped through the Pine Belt, Sanderford thought he would turn his hobby into something meaningful.

"I realized this would be my opportunity to take time to show people, you know, follow the path,"said Sanderford.

Sanderford followed the path of the EF4 tornado from hundreds of feet in the air. He says he hoped it could help rescue workers and emergency officials see the entire picture of the damage. And maybe give a different mindset to residents.

"It really gives them a sense of, 'Wow, look what happened right around my home. Look at my neighbors house.' They get to see areas they are familiar with from a different viewpoint,"said Sanderford.

Sanderdord says the experience did the same for him.

"And I immediately projected myself into their shoes, and I thought what if that was my family, what if that was my children standing in a pile of ruble," said Sanderford.

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