Jasper County resident bond set after selling and reporting four wheeler stolen

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Victim of a hostage situation in July, who was shot in the face, had his initial appearance and bond hearing on Friday.

Timothy Savell was held hostage and shot in the face by his father-in-law Neil Newcomb in July. The Jones County hostage standoff was also where Jones County Sheriff's Deputy Tony Stiles was shot several times by Newcomb.

Though a few days prior to the standoff, Savell had sold his black 2009 Honda four wheeler, which he still owed $6,797.08 on, and reported it stolen to Jones County Sheriff's Department.

After months of investigation, Jones County investigators found out Savell had lied about the vehicle being stolen and arrested him on Thursday.

On Friday, Jones County Justice Court Judge Billie Graham set Savell's bond to $25,500. $25,000 for selling property previously sold or encumbered, and $500 for false reporting of crime.

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