Dog shot in Forrest County, recovering well, in foster care

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Back in January we brought you the story of Winchester, the Great Pyrenees who was shot and left to die in a field in Forrest County.

When he was found he had been in the field for about two-days and was in pretty bad shape. Staff from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter brought him to the Town and Country Animal Hospital in Hattiesburg for emergency care. At first they said his chances were touch and go.

Today he is in foster care at Aunt Linda's Pet Hotel in Oak Grove and is expected to make a full recovery. Once he is well enough, he will be put up for adoption. Perspective owners must meet certain requirements in order to adopt him.

"He cannot be kept outside all the time. He must be an in door pet," said Linda Bourne, Owner, Linda's Pet Hotel. "They definitely have to have a fenced in backyard so he doesn't wander off and they must be able to take care of any medical bills that come up."

Adoption applications are being taken at the Southern Pines Animal Shelter and Aunt Linda's Pet Hotel on Old Highway 11 in Oak Grove.

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