Palazzo returns to Hub City to check on volunteer efforts

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - After a week and a half since the tornado hit, Congressman Steven Palazzo returned to Hattiesburg on Wednesday to see the city's progression.

Palazzo stopped by the University of Southern Mississippi, Lake Terrace Convention Center, and also Mt. Carmel Baptist Church to make sure volunteer efforts are being made and residents are getting the assistance they need.

We still need bodies, we still need volunteer organizations to come in, but we need to do it in an orderly manner," said Palazzo. "If everybody that does want to help, if they'll go through Volunteer Hattiesburg, that's the number one way to do it. FEMA will actually give us some credits towards the reconstruction dollars, for credits for the inclined labor, for the volunteer services. If you need assistance we can't help you if you don't sign up, so please find the FEMA disaster recovery center and make sure you go fill out your application so we can get the assistance that you need."

For more information on Volunteer Hattiesburg and FEMA, click HERE.

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