WDAM Viewpoint- Lesson's to be learned from tornado

So what are some of the lessons learned from the massive tornado that swept through the Pine Belt just over a week ago.  Miraculously no lives were lost…but the damage was extensive.  One thing we took away from the feedback we received was that the sirens, on their own, were not always enough.  While they alert those who hear them…and recognize what they are…they give no specific information.  However combined with weather radios, any one of the various weather apps on your smart phone, local radio and TV you can be instructed what to do when a tornado is in the area.  Hat's off to the first responders.  We have gotten reports of city officials, law enforcement and fire fighters showing up at points of damage within minutes.    MEMA and FEMA worked quickly to get us declared a disaster area and that opened the door for quicker aid and help for a lot of people.  There was no actual looting of which we are aware.  That should be a given—but all too often there are human predators out there just waiting to profit from the misfortune of others.  Not so here.  Whether it was the presence of first responders and friends and neighbors hurrying to the rescue or just all around decency…we can be proud of the behavior of our citizens.  We should always learn from our experiences and a lot of things went right this time.

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