Residents asked to be wary of fraudulent contractors

As the attention shifts from clean-up, to rebuilding, residents are advised to be wary of whom they let work on their home.

The Mississippi State Board of Contractors has arrived in the Pine Belt. They are here to insure residents are protected when it comes to the rebuilding process.

They warn of the impending influx of contractors into the area, as money begins to flow in from FEMA and insurance payout's. While most contractors are honest, some are out to steal your money.

  • Officials recommend taking the following steps.
  • Be cautious of door to door solicititors.
  • Don't pay cash or give money up front.
  • Obtain estimates and verify their references.
  • Have a written agreement detailing the work to be done.
  • Hire only licensed contractors.

To verify that a contractor is properly licensed, call (800) 880 - 6161 or visit