WDAM Viewpoint- Tornado Teamwork

What a week it has been!  Beginning late Sunday afternoon a tornado with winds in places of up to 170 miles per hour hit the Pinebelt touching down in various areas and wreaking havoc wherever it did.  Over 2000 homes were destroyed, badly damaged or partially damaged…yet there were no fatalities.  That is most certainly an example of excellent preparedness, people working together, a great warning and education system for storms, and, I believe, Divine Providence.  While going out with some of our reporting crews I was struck, just as after Katrina, by the attitude of our people.  I heard no one demanding help from the government…though we did get some.  I heard to grumbling or complaining.  I did hear a lot of thankfulness that lives were spared.  The general feeling was that material things can be replaced…people can start again…but lost loved ones can't.  That "can do" spirit and attitude that no matter how bad things are they could have been worse and we will survive to build again is something we've seen time and time again when tragedy strikes.  Neighbors were helping neighbors whether they knew them or not.   Compare that attitude to some places in the world or even in this country and you realize why this is a remarkable place to live.

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