Southern Pines, area veterinarians care for displaced pets

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Somewhat lost in the shuffle are family pets who turned up missing after the tornado.

The Southern Pines Animal Shelter and several area veterinarians are taking in pets brought to them until they can be reunited with their owners.

The shelter is also responding to calls where pets are at homes that were hit hard by the tornado. Tuesday they responded to a home at the corner of New Orleans Street and East 6th Street to rescue seven dogs that were trapped in the back yard.

"In this rescue we had a lady and gentleman whose home was almost completely destroyed by trees. One of the trees fell into the back yard where the dogs were penned," said Katherine Sammons, SPAS Assistant Manager. "We came out Monday night and we were able to get two, but we were losing daylight and had to come back. This morning we were able to get the rest of them."

The dogs were taken back to the shelter where they were examined. Because they are feral animals shelter staff will have to see how they adjust to people before adoption will be considered.

If anyone has lost a pet because of the tornado, they should go to shelter to see if it is there. If not they will give the locations of the veterinarians who are also taking them in.

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