Generator fire causes house to be a total loss

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A generator fire in Hattiesburg has caused one home to be a total loss.

The fire took place at Midnight on 600 Broad Dr. in Hattiesburg. The owners were without power from Sunday's tornado and used a generator to power their home. The generator was chained to the front porch.

When the generator ran out of fuel, the owner did not wait until the generator had time to cool down and began to re-fuel. That's when the generator caught on fire.

The fire engulfed the front porch, which spread to the attic causing the house to be a total loss. No injures have been reported.

Fire Chief David Webster stressed the importance of precaution when using generators. One of the most important safety tips is to not run a generator in a confined space.

Webster added that the days following  an event like the tornado are when things are most dangerous and people should use caution in whatever they are doing.

"You've got lines on the ground. You've got structural integrity and it may be compromising the building," said Webster. "We're just advising people to be extremely careful."

Webster says when the power begins to come back in your neighborhood have the power off and then when power is restored turn them on one by one and make sure you don't see any arcing or detect any kind of a smell.

Hattiesburg residents can call the fire department if they feel they have a problem. They will come out and check it for you.

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