Lamar Park resident believes media alerts made a difference in her safety

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to WDAM alerts and a call, Khristi and her family had just enough time to run to their basement.

"I was in the living room watching TV, had the alerts on Facebook, but Chris said turn it on WDAM, so we did," said Khristi Matheny. "Then we had a call said it was in Bentcreek so within like just a couple minutes it was here, and he said get in the basement. Within forty five seconds it was all done, it was over."

After being alerted by WDAM on Sunday, Lamar Park resident, Khristi Matheny, recommends everyone do one specific thing for future notifications.

"Definitely you want to keep the alerts on your phone from WDAM, on Facebook, or the TV if you're not close, definitely keep anything you can," said Khristi.

While Khristi and her family managed to come out safe from the tornado, their house didn't. The tornado caused a tree to fall onto her house, ruining four rooms and two of her vehicles.

"I feel displaced, but fortunate that I'll always have a place to go, and you know, people to help us recover," said Khristi.

Although her house is damaged, Khristi is thankful that her family is safe and to be living in a helpful community.

In Lamar County, officials say 58 homes were destroyed, 194 suffered major damage, 130 minor damages, and 104 others were affected by the storm.

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