Tornado rips through Petal, leaves destruction

Several businesses and homes were destroyed in the Petal area due to Sunday's tornado. Workers are still trying to restore power and clean up the debris left by the storm.

For many residents, it has been a long and emotional 24 hours.

One resident said it just happened so fast. This just 24 short hours after the tornado touched down in Petal...emotions are still running high. Many residents said they were terrified by what they saw.

As people ventured into the street, debris everywhere. On Monday, families combed through the wreckage, trying to salvage what memories they could but for some, there was nothing.

Residents say at this point they don't know where they will go next or how the will rebuild. .

Many volunteers have been walking the streets with chain saws in hand, assisting those in need.

Several of the homes were flatten but the debris can be seen from blocks away.

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