Pride of the Pine Belt: Laurel resident makes her mark on reality TV show

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel resident, Lauren Scott knows first hand it's not easy trying to find your passion, or your place in the world.

"Originally, I started out as a math major, so I don't even know how I got into journalism," said Scott.

Growing up in California, Scott says she inherited a passion for food and nutrition from her mother and grandmother which encouraged her studies in college.

"I have a degree in journalism, and I have a minor in nutrition, so at the time I was hoping to be a food writer," said Scott.

Eventually, Scott's love for cooking out weighed her knack for writing.

"So, in college I got a job as a freshman working in the cafeteria, and that is where I first started discovering the culinary arts," said Scott.

Scott remembers her eagerness toward learning more about cooking helped her move from serving to the kitchen.

"From there I met this guy named, Michael Wood and he was the executive chef at the time. He opened a little french bistro cafe and he brought me on the original team to help open, so I was the assistant pastry cook," said Scott.

Scott realize she had a gift for cooking, but her pursuit for something more was put on hold when she moved to Laurel to be with her fiance. But it wasn't long before her opportunity came knocking in an e-mail.

"I got an e-mail and it said, 'Do you sizzle in the kitchen? Are you passionate about food?' I was like yes, yes, all of the above," said Scott.

The e-mail was about a new cooking show on ABC. Scott applied, and now she is one of 14 contestants on the new show "The Taste."

"So, while they are eating my spoon of food they are like, 'Hmm.' The first thing I hear is Anthony Bourdain saying,'Hmm, this is delicious.' I was like, Anthony Bourdain just said my food is delicious," said Scott.

Scott's excitement didn't end there, in the second episode, Scott won the first group challenge, and immunity for that week, but if you want to know more you will have to watch on WDAM- ABC Tuesday at seven.

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