WDAM Viewpoint- P.W. Underwood

"We took it to their butt and we kicked their butts".  That's what Sou. Miss. Coach P.W. "Bear" Underwood proclaimed to those of us who met the team bus back in October 1970 upon their return to campus after beating Ole Miss and Archie Manning.  I took a lot of flak for celebrating that day on my radio show on Triple-X from the "hoddy toddy" folks.  But like the coach said…we did in fact kick their butts and it was a red letter day for USM.  P.W. Underwood was a heck of a man.  Liked and respected by all who knew him.  He once saved the life of a woman and her baby trapped in a burning car on Highway 49.  While others just watched…Coach Underwood leaped to the rescue and literally ripped the door off the car and got mother and daughter to safety.  With his size muscles and hands rippling with huge adrenaline goose bumps anyone who ever saw him would not doubt that story.  But as strong as he was of body…he was also that strong of heart and spirit.  Often called upon to give motivational and inspirational talks to young people…he was one of the best.  He loved working with young people.  He loved his family.  He Loved USM and the game of football.  Coach Underwood passed away this week.  We were blessed indeed to have had him on our side.

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