WDAM Viewpoint- Chris Kyle

I recently read the book "American Sniper" by and about Chris Kyle…dubbed the U.S. Military's most lethal sniper.  He earned that designation during four tours in Iraq as a member of Seal Team Three with over 150 confirmed kills.  He was an humble individual who earned numerous medals for valor and a couple of purple hearts.  He saw his job not as one of taking lives…but like World War I's Sgt. York before him as one of saving the lives of his fellow Americans and innocent civilians.  After his time as an active Navy Seal, he came home to devote himself to his wife and children and started a foundation go help fellow veterans who were going through tough times.  That's what he was doing this weekend when he and a friend answered the call to take a fellow veteran with P.T.S.D. out to a shooting range and try to help him cope with problems he had after coming home from Iraq.  Suddenly the man they were trying to help turned on Kyle and his partner and opened fire with a handgun and point-black range…killing them both.  To go though all Chris Kyle went through and all the heroic acts he performed saving the lives of others with his valor…then to be gunned down by one of the vets he was trying to help just doesn't make sense.  But less and less things do in the world we are living in.  We need more heroes like Chris Kyle to help us survive as a nation.  Certainly, not less, and at the hands of our own people.  We salute this great American patriot who loved his God, his family and his country—as he himself testified in his book.

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