Hogan: Bennett right man for the job

Forrest County Supervisor David Hogan says he believes the college board the correct choice when they named Rodney Bennett their preferred choice to be the next USM president.

Hogan, who was a member of the selection committee, made his comments at a public meeting of county officials today.

The State College Board chose Bennett over two other candidates Friday to replace Martha Saunders.

Bennett, who currently serves as Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of Georgia, would become the first African American president at Southern Miss.

"Hattiesburg and Forrest County and the surrounding area us a very diverse community," said Hogan. "I'm proud of Doctor Rodney Bennett being named the next president at USM and I look forward to us coming together and supporting him and moving the university and the community forward."

Bennett will meet with faculty, staff, and students at USM Gulf Park Wednesday and will be on the main campus Thursday morning.

The State College Board will meet at noon Thursday to formally approve Bennett as the new president.