Former KKK member speaks at Petal Church

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - From burning the cross to preaching the cross, that's what a former Ku Klux Klan National Grand Wizard, Johnny Lee Clary spoke about at the Abundant Grace of Petal on Saturday and Sunday.

As an anti-racism speaker, Clary travels all over the world and speaks out against racism and racial reconciliation.

"I heard his testimony, I was so moved by it and I saw what the Lord had done in his life," said Abundant Grace Pastor Robbie Bankens. "I thought everybody should hear this because it shows the transformation that comes through the power of the cross and what Jesus Christ has done for us."

Aside from visiting Petal, Clary has appeared on Oprah, CNN NBC'S The Today Show and numerous other talk shows around the world.

"Back in the eighties, I was the top man, I was the imperial wizard," said Clary. "Twenty-three years ago I laid it all down to follow Jesus and I became a new creation. I started working with the Lord's, doing the Lord's work and helping to build bridges of racial reconciliation all over the world."

Along with appearing on talk shows, Johnny Clary is also a guest speaker every year at the FBI Training Headquarters in Virginia.

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