Mayor of Bassfield steps down

Mayor JC Holland announced that he will be stepping down as Mayor of Bassfield affective Feb. 1.

Holland has served as Mayor of Bassfield for the last 3 years. Holland cites health and family as the reasons for stepping down.

Holland has battled minor health issues of late and has welcomed a new grandson into his family. Mayor pro-temp and Alderman Pat Courtney will take over the remaining year of office beginning Feb. 3 The City of Bassfield has recently come under fire from some community members after the board fired police chief Larry Thompson then cracked down on delinquent water bills. Holland says he has fond memories of the things the city has achieved during his term and looks forward to spending time with family.

Holland says, "It has been a good run. We've accomplished a lot in three years, all be it, there are some things that have not been accomplished yet, but the wheels are in motion to get them accomplished and I'm sure in the near future they will be. Got a brand new grandson that's 3 weeks old right now and I'm going to spend a lot more time with him. Got a new house down on the lake, I'm going to spend a lot more time down there and a lot more time in Louisiana."

Mayor Holland says he has until Feb. 3 to change his mind about resigning, however he is firm on his decision.