Covington County man presses charges against daycare that he claims abused his son

After a morning spent in daycare, James Hopson didn't expect his son to come home Thursday with bruises and deep cuts.

"The baby sitter that owns the daycare had took my son into her house and whipped him," said Hopson.

According to the police report filed by Hopson, the owner of the daycare, "Live, Laugh, and Love at Lydia's," Lydia Broadhead, had taken the child from the daycare over to her residence and spanked him with a switch that she made the toddler bring her.  After discovering the bruises, Hopson took his son to the Covington County Hospital where emergency room technicians diagnosed his wounds as multiple contusions.  Hopson says in the aftermath he received little assistance from the Covington County Sheriff's Office in the pursuit of filing charges against Broadhead.

"Covington County Sheriff's Office would not work with me. They tried to change it from a felony to a misdemeanor," added Hopson.    It was after that that Hopson reached out to the Attorney General's Office.

"Basically took me to step above all of them's head to contact someone I knew with the AG's office, a private investigator, to try to get anything done about it," said Hopson.

The Covington County Sheriff's Department says it has issued a felony warrant for a suspect involved in the child abuse case, and is taking issue with the claims made by Hopson that the department did not assist in the investigation.   The Sheriff's Department issued their official statement Tuesday.   It reads as follows "the Covington County Sheriff's Office takes any form of child abuse or neglect very, very seriously, and  we will do everything in our power to protect the children of Covington County."  The release goes on to say that an ongoing investigation that began Friday morning led officials to issue a felony warrant for child abuse for one suspect involved in the case.

The Attorney General's Office could neither confirm nor deny their involvement in this case. After repeated attempts to contact the daycare by phone, Seven on your Side visited the daycare for comment, but was asked to leave.