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Foods for a beautiful smile

Taking care of your teeth isn't just about how you clean them – we've got some foods the Cleveland Clinic says can keep your smile beautiful in between brushings! And you probably already have them.

Yogurt has been proven to be digestion-friendly, but it's also good for your gums and teeth, too.

Cleveland Clinic's Denise Cole, R.D. says, "We actually have some studies that were done on children that show that pre and probiotic in yogurt, when they touch the gums, have a benefit to oral health. So, we did find reduced cavities in some children who were big yogurt eaters."

And enjoy the crunch of apples and celery even more. The rough fiber in them will help scrub bits of other foods out of your teeth as you chew.

You know that clean feeling your teeth have right after you brush? Drink some cranberry juice. It can stop bacteria from sticking to your enamel, so your teeth have that same clean feel longer.

And drink water from the tap - straight or filtered – it has fluoride in it, which makes your enamel stronger.

Our teeth work hard for us –  so it's great to know these foods can give us something to smile about!

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