Lamar County students see technology in the classroom first hand

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Students, teachers, and parents joined Lamar County School Superintendent Doctor Ben Burnett on a trip to Daphne Alabama to see how students there are learning without textbooks.

Come the beginning of the next school the district hopes to implement removing textbooks and replacing them with digital devices. If all goes as planned students in grades nine through 12 will be issued I-Pads with the long term goal being getting them in all the Lamar County Schools.

Dr. Burnett says digital learning is the way of the future  and the devices will offer the students and teachers a lot more resources to work with.

"This will open up a whole new world, said Burnett. "We feel like this is where our students are now. They are connected. They are used to this world and we feel can reach them better with these devices."

The devices will be leased from Apple on a four year contract with the option to trade them in after three-years. Burnett says in the long run the cost of the program should be about the same as it would be with text books.

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