WDAM Viewpoint- Assault on Bill of Rights

As we learned in school, the first ten amendments to our constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.   While the constitution deals primarily with setting up the mechanisms of our government and how it will work…the Bill of Rights deals with guaranteeing citizens certain rights that no one can take away.

However, it seems in recent years, our own government…our own government…has been in the business of chipping away at those very amendments that help define our way of life as the founders of our country intended it to be.

The First Amendment that guarantees…among other things…our freedom of speech and religion has certainly been under assault primarily by the judicial branch.  A number of presidents have attempted to circumvent the legislative branch with Executive Orders—none more so than the current administration's attempt at altering the reinterpreting the 2nd amendment which gives us the right to bear arms.

If the government—regardless of the branch—is successful in depriving us of one right…what is to stop them, or their successors, from stripping us of other rights…until none are left and we are ruled by a totalitarian state.

It is up to we the people to raise a mighty outcry anytime the central government tries to overstep its bounds.  As the saying goes, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Sooner or later every government gets to the point of wishing they didn't have to bow to the pesky citizenry….or laws they find inconvenient.  It is in the nature of mankind to grab for all the power one can possibly get.  Be vigilant and stingy with loaning out our freedoms my friends.  Once gone they are virtually impossible to recover.  Better too much freedom than not enough.

I'm Jim Cameron…let us hear what you think.