PRCC examines security procedures

In reaction to the recent event in Newtown, Connecticut, the Pearl River County School District is going through its emergency procedures with a fine toothed comb.

Pearl River County School District Superintendent Alan Lumpkin says each year the school district reviews its emergency plan, and this year in order to be as proactive as possible have taken all measures to update the plan for preparedness in any crisis.

The Pearl River County School District has its own police department, which allows students, faculty, and parents to interact with officers regularly. The certified officers know the lay out of each school and are able to work seamlessly with other law enforcement.

Superintendent Lumpkin says, "There is a certified, trained police officer on that campus in case something happens and that is a level of comfort. And also our parents know our police officers you know they live in the community, but also they're at our extra-curricular events. They also develop relationships with our community members and parents."

Superintendent Lumpkin says the school districts police department recently hosted and active shooter training class on their central campus, which afforded training to regional law enforcement as well.

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