WDAM Viewpoint- Confession is good for...publicity?

Professional bicycling star Lance Armstrong was back on the front pages this week after confessing, sort of, to Oprah Winfrey that he did indeed use performance enhancing drugs to help him win cycling competitions.

It's hard to figure out why the Armstrong doping saga is especially newsworthy or, for that matter, how he achieved celebrity status to begin with. Professional bicycling ranks somewhere behind knife throwing in American sports and I don't know of anyone who even understands how the Tour De France is run.

Furthermore according to what I have read people have known for years that he was cheating. He's been banned for life from competing and he's been stripped of his seven Tour De France titles. So why is it big news that he has admitted his sins?  The answer would appear as close at hand as the latest copy of People magazine. Confession is the new bankable currency for celebrities whose star has lost its shine. Be it drugs, booze, sexual misconduct just confess and seek redemption and chances are the American public will continue to talk about you.  As I just have.  I'm Jim Cameron…write and let us know what you think.