WDAM Viewpoint- Palazzo reacts...the people speak

Our "Viewpoint" on Tuesday was critical of Mississippi congressman, Steven Palazzo for voting against a bill that would have given aid to the people in New Jersey and New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy…especially since the entire New York delegation came to Mississippi in the aftermath of Katrina to see what we needed and to help get support for us.  In fact, he was widely criticized by many republicans and democrats throughout south Mississippi who remember the help we got.  Well, as we were taking him to task for his apparent placement of partisanship over people's needs, guess what….he was on a tour of the Northeastern part of the country hit by Sandy.  He was calling for immediate relief and giving his full throated support for the next bill scheduled to provide them relief.  While we agree that we need less government interference…we do think the government should be there to step in and help those who no fault of their own are in dire straits such as a devastating act of nature.  While we are glad Congressman Palazzo finally did the right thing, we hope it wasn't just damage control that prompted him to suddenly take such interest in our northern citizenry in distress.  If Mr. Palazzo is going to stay in congress, he's going to have to develop better reflexes or better advice.  I'm Jim Cameron…keep the responses coming both pro and con.