Hattiesburg family claims sewer overflows their driveway with feces

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg family on Kimball Ave. say they have been complaining about a sewer problem in front of their driveway to the City of Hattiesburg for more than five months.

The Rodgers family claims the City of Hattiesburg has checked the sewer cleanout before but never completed the job. The Rodgers claim their driveway overflows at times with tissue paper, urine, and even feces, which they believe may have been the cause of their children getting sick.

Neighbors have complained about the bad odor which is causing the Rodgers to want to move out.

We contacted the City of Hattiesburg and spoke to Director of Public Works John Brown about the overflow and were told the problem would be fixed and followed up.

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