Environmental agencies test for contaminants from Hercules plant

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Environmental Protection Agency and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality are in Hattiesburg to over see testing that Hercules is conducting off their property, east of the plant.

The testing is looking for potential contaminants in the ground water.

Wells are being put into the ground along East 8th Street in order to be able to take samples of the ground water that will then be sent to the lab for testing.

In previous testing, some contamination has been found in one location just off the property, but a spokesperson for the EPA says it should not pose any concerns for residents at this point.

"If we find contamination we will notify residents immediately," said Meredith Anderson, EPA Environmental Engineer. "What we know so far is it is in shallow ground water and no one is drinking it. There is no human exposure to this ground water.

Anderson says once the samples have been examined, the data will be analyzed for high levels of contaminants and pathways will be designed as to how to address the situation.

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