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When should you kick your kids out of the nest?

The toughest thing for a parent to figure out these days is the right age for moving your kids out of the nest. 25? 30? 35? 

Well, according to many of the people responding to a recent Vanity Fair poll, it's never. More than half of the parents polled said there's never a set time when kids should stop living at home.

Forty percent of American adults between the ages of 18 and 39 now live with their parents, or have done so recently. 

What worries Money Expert Nathan Bachrach is one statistic from the National Endowment for Financial Education: Of the parents surveyed who had adult children living with them, 26 percent had taken out new debt to support their kids. And seven percent had delayed their retirement!

Bachrach says that's a problem.

As parents, Bachrach says you owe your kids food, clothing, and healthcare, but he's not sold on owing them a place to stay until they're 40.

Your kids will value something more if they have to earn it for themselves - so start early. If they want the $100 pair of blue jeans, they need to save up for them. If they want a car, they need to buy it - or at least pay for part of it, maybe the insurance. And studies have shown that college students who pay for at least part of the bill do better in school. 

It's a tough job market, but Bachrach says sacrificing your own retirement so they don't have to work quite as hard is not the way to go.

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