WDAM Viewpoint- Palazzo's a disappointment

We join with our sister station on the Coast, WLOX, and a lot of other South Mississippians in condemning our Congressman, Steven Palazzo for voting against the hurricane Sandy relief bill which passed the U.S. House.

The $10-Billion aid package will help shore up the National Flood Insurance Program and help New Jersey and New York residents who were insured and flooded.  A larger bill will be considered later this month—but they need help now.  By voting against the Sandy relief, Palazzo basically said South Mississippi doesn't care.

While we agree that the national flood insurance program must be revamped…but these people need help now and should not be penalized by those who would hold them ransom to playing politics.  When Hurricane Katrina slammed into Mississippi, New York's  congressional delegation came here and saw our need for themselves.   But has Palazzo even been to New York or New Jersey?

Federal aid was essential to our recovery after Katrina.  Palazzo's vote clearly does not recognize that and cares more about his political agenda than helping storm victims.  Rebuilding after a natural disaster is not the time to play partisan politics.  Had congressional leaders done that after Katrina it would have been devastating to our recovery efforts.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Write and let us know what you think.